Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Quick Hits: Justin Roberts Back in NYC, New Music from Mista Cookie Jar

Children's music favorite (and new father) Justin Roberts returns to Symphony Space in New York on Saturday, November 3 with a show (11 am). I've written plenty about Mr. Roberts and his engaging, amusing catalog. But with a new baby in the mix, there are going to be fewer opportunities in the short-term to see him in concert. So make an effort to get out the door and see him this go-round. Buy your tickets with a 10% discount ($17 each for non-members) using code Kidding10  (case-sensitive) here.

Here's Justin and the Not Ready for Naptime Players performing "Lemonade," the title track from his Grammy-nominated album:

Once your kids have calmed down and need a little rewinding, Mista Cookie Jar's got his groove back and it's in the song "Spirit Animal." Shocking that CJ might be feeling a little midlife crisis, but he's marveling at the fabulous little person sharing a residence with him:

How do you barely have
any life experience
and you’re already a zen master?
I don’t get it.
You are...the coolest.

Find "Spirit Animal" at Mista Cookie Jar's Bandcamp page as well as his website.

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