Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Quick Hits: Weekly Kids Music from Banana² / New Shawn Colvin Video

Amy Hersey (Fancy Pants) likes chocolate. Well, it's almost redundant to ask "Who doesn't?" Joe Sullivan (Uncle Dox) likes lots of things. At this point, it's redundant to ask "So where are you going with this?"

Together, Amy and Joe make Banana², releasing kids music singles every Friday. The over-riding theme of Banana² is power dance pop. Don't come looking for ballads. Their singles include "Sweet Tooth," "Playground," and "Get Crazy." You can also download Amy's kid's CD, IMAGINE THAT, through her website.

Here is the audio for Banana²'s new single, "Potluck":

Find Fancy Pants music on Soundcloud. The Banana² singles are most accessible on Spotify and iTunes.

Shawn Colvin continues to release videos in support of her new children's music CD, THE STARLIGHTER, available exclusively through Amazon Music. Here is the video for "Hush Little Baby":

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