Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mista Cookie Jar Amped on Serotonin

Forget Five Hour Energy drinks. Mista Cookie Jar (CJ Pizarro) knows that all the kids need is a boost of serotonin to get them motivated, pumped, and moving.

In fact, his new song is just that – "Serotonin."

Starting with a Li'l Wayne-esque auto-tune, the song deftly explains and illustrates how a person's body chemistry controls their emotions and physical state. In the event it sounds too technical, remember that the average age of the listener is not expected to be in double digits.

Chemicals. Dopamine.
Now what's dat
supposed to mean?
Dats a funny name
for the happy in your brain.
like when somebody says,
"I'm golden!"
There's a joy when you keep your heart and mind wide open.

CJ has recently done some collaborative work, but I was surprised to learn that "Serotonin" is his first solo song in one year. It's kind of like watching someone (or hearing someone) flex a muscle. Click on over and hear for yourself. And prepare for more as he opens the cookie jar later in 2017.

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