Friday, February 10, 2017

Quick Hits: Free Valentines Music and Video

Valentines Day and children's music are two concepts that don't necessarily go hand in hand.

But there are ways to make them work together and provide fun for all ages.

Justin Roberts has released a video for "Valentine (I Don't Want to Be Yours)," from his latest album, LEMONADE. View it here and enjoy:

You can download Justin's song as well as tunes from other artists such as Recess Monkey, courtesy of Beth Blenz and Sugar Mountain PR, through the actual day (February 14). Here's the playlist link.

Enjoy love-themed songs from Little Miss Ann, Raffi, and Frances England. And then go find some other stuff by those artists and share it with the little ones you love.

Erica Rabner is also offering a Valentines song for download – "Valentine's Day" (wonder where she got that title) is up for download at Soundcloud. You can also click through to her debut album, PB & JAMS.
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