Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Bouncy Buddies from Munslow, Brewer

Some years ago, veteran children's music performer Bill Harley drew Keith Munslow into his circle. That resulted in a great friendship and partnership, witnessed in many concerts and a joint CD a few years ago. Now Keith is "paying it forward," and bringing newcomer Bridget Brewer into the kindie world with BIG BUNCHA BUDDIES.

Originally co-conspirators in the local comedy improvisation troupe The Empire Revue, Keith and Bridget worked on sketch material together. After a while, that camaraderie translated into songs for children. Even while Bridget was traveling through Mexico City writing a book, the duo used Google chat sessions to hammer out songs like "Jilly the Ghost" and "Stick Pony," which carries a Roy Rogers/Dale Evans by way of Okee-Dokee Brothers feel.

Keith has much experience as a storytelling on his own, however the Harley influence is keenly felt on "What Was a Bad Idea," where the two protagonists declare their latest scheme started out with good intentions but somehow went wrong. "Why Did You Teach Me That Word" will engage parents as well as children, teaching a valuable lesson about the right time and situations to, let's say, expand your vocabulary.

The only limitations to this partnership appear to be geographical. Keith and Bridget are simply on different continents, literally. That won't stop youngsters from sharing the tales of "The Loneliest Whale" and "Stray Dog." Once the duo get their feet inside the same state, in the same county, it will be possible for them to promote BIG BUNCHA BUDDIES together. This CD is a nice way to start the new year, hopefully helping your kids slow down and not grow up so fast. And buddy around.

BIG BUNCHA BUDDIES is available from Keith's website, CDBABY, Amazon, and iTunes.

Here is a video of "Coffee Breath" from Keith's performance on Long Island last year:

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