Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Vids from 23 Skidoo and M.O.M., Sara Lovell's Got You

My five-year-old does not play video games much. I mean, I practically beg him to play something, anything. But he'd rather watch videos on the iPad. And never mind when the 15-minute timer goes off. He's got a response: "It's almost over," which buys him anywhere from 2-10 minutes.

I try to stay focused so he doesn't wind up spending 30 minutes immersed in video, but with his big brother diverting attention, it's a lot like cat herding – you can try, but you don't often succeed. New York-based rapper Princess Superstar (aka M.O.M.) feels my pain. Her new video, "Put Down Your iPad I'll Put Down My Phone!" deals with this dilemma. You can also contribute to her Indiegogo campaign, "These Are Magic Days," a collection of songs and videos to help program a high emotional intelligence in kids.

Secret Agent 23 Skidoo is wasting no time in promoting his new CD, INFINITY PLUS ONE. The video for a non-space-related tune, "Young Soul," has hit the Web. And frankly, you can't watch it sitting down. Just try. And I'm in an open workspace.

Single mom Sara Lovell has written a musical love letter to her six-year-old child. YOU'VE GOT ME is a sweet, ethereal odyssey; 18 tracks that cover a gamut of topics with warmth, clarity, and charm. Lovell is nearly a Sarah MacLachlan for the toddler set.

Sara segued from her adult contemporary to parent conventional sound while missing nary a drum beat. You can tell who inspired such songs as "Dance Like There's Music in Your Pants" and "Oh I'm Bored." There's a soothing calm to "Tell Me Who's the Monster." And the title track paints a plaintive bonding mantra:

You can reach for my hand
I'll be there
You can call for a friend
And you turn around, oh you turn around
Now you know you've got me
You've got me

Sara has embraced the principles of elementary children's music. YOU'VE GOT ME is a primer for early listeners, nearly an hour of tunes that alternately amusing and informs ("Everybody Has a Body"). Single parenthood is something that Sara embraced. She is now spreading that embrace to families through her music. She's got her son and as a result, listeners now have a chance to get her songs for families.

YOU'VE GOT ME is available from Sara's website, Amazon, CDBABY, and iTunes (link to come).
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