Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Kindie Quick Hits: Grin and Bear It, Vids from 123 Andres and Recess Monkey

Songwriter Dave Kinnon believes in saving for a rainy day. Musically, that is. His latest project, Grin Brigade, brings together 24 singers, 13 musicians, and six producers across two continents for a CD, CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS.

Twenty-six songs cover a gamut of familiar topics. The shifting lead vocals give the impression that there's a factory line of people checking in, nailing their parts, and heading back to the outside world. The material, which Kinnon culled over the years, delivers some basic messages, such as "Wake Up in America":

When I wake up in America,
I see my neighbors there
With every kind of clothes and shoes,
Hats and skin and hair,
Every strange belief and custom,
Scores of songs from who knows where.
When I wake up in America,
Our stories fill the air.

Contributing artists include Lori Petty, Randy Sharp, and new Three Dog Night singer David Morgan.  You won't be surprised by the songs on CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS but you also won't be disappointed. Even the press release describes the CD as "a wild jumble of songs about a whole mess of things." Dave and company cover a lot of ground in nearly 80 minutes. You can sing along or just listen to the tunes. Would that be so crazy?

CRAZY WITH HAPPINESS is available from Dave's website, and iTunes.

Recess Monkey has delivered the latest video from their new Amazon Music CD, NOVELTIES. One of the most famous, elusive creatures in history comes to life in "Sweaty Yeti"!

123 Andres (Andrés Salguero) continues to promote his new bilingual music CD, ARRIBA ABAJO! with two videos (English and Spanish) for the same song. Here is "La Semilla," followed by "The Seed":

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