Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Rocknoceros Starts a 50-State Kid Trek

Mom, apple pie, and children's music. The foundation that our country was built on.

For their 10th anniversary as a band, Rocknoceros returns to those traditional values with their fifth CD, PLYMOUTH ROCKERS. But wait – it gets better. The 15 tracks are state-themed. That's right, this is the first of an ambitious reclamation project to sonically boost kindie spirits across these great United States of ours. You start with "Would You Like to Visit Kansas" and traverse through "Louisiana" (not the Randy Newman version), "Minnesota," and wind up in "South Dakota."

Along their trip, Rocknoceros return to Irving Berlin for a streamlined, Virginian take on "God Bless America." It's a clear reminder of where their interest lie, in keeping parents invested in listening as well. The trio (Coach Cotton, Williebob, and Boogie Woogie Bernie) are more about authenticity than history (sorry about that, Lloyd Miller).

School is done, that was fun, and I made some friends.
But where I live, there's other kids, let's start again.
Saturday, it's time to play and they've closed the street.
Teams are formed, and they ain't warmin' up to me.
But hey I learned from the best (I've got friends in New Jersey)
References by request (I've got friends in New Jersey)
I'm right here, why second guess  (I've got friends in New Jersey)
Don't be shy, stop and say hi.

State songs is not exactly a new concept. In fact, They Might Be Giants' John Linnell called his lone solo CD STATE SONGS. But Rocknoceros commands attention for a commitment to their music (more than 2,000 shows over the past 10 years), their verve maintaining regional flair (a lilting "Aloha," for example), and what appears to be a "throw-a-dart-in-the-map" selection process. "Squeakers" is about Wisconsin. Now what's that all about? Wait – Rocknoceros has a self-explanatory song for you. "Tennessee" is practically a history lesson while "Colorado Rockies" lets the boys indulge in some reggae.

Had I learned more from music in my youth, perhaps I'd sound as happy as Rocknoceros. These PLYMOUTH ROCKERS are loading up their tour bus for songs and shows to share their lyrics and music from sea to shining sea.

PLYMOUTH ROCKERS is available on July 4 (appropriately) from Rocknoceros' website, Amazon, CDBABY, and iTunes.

Here is the video from their song, "Texas":

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