Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Red Yarn Spins a New Deep Woods Revival, Cookie's June Tune

"Traditional" is typically another way for musicians to say "public domain." How else to explain multiple versions of "Oh Susanna" on so many children's recordings? Portland-faced Andy Furgeson doesn't see things that way. Under his "Red Yarn" persona, he knits a concise connection to songs from American history on his second release, DEEP WOODS REVIVAL.

The disc has deeper meaning in the vinyl edition (I stuck with the new traditional digital format), where the A side contain pop favorites such as "Skip to My Lou" and "Mole in the Ground." Yes, there was a time when these songs were contemporary. Then they were kitsch. Now they are kindie. The B side "For Brave Kids and Grownups" dives headfirst into the woods and the wonders of nature with "Grizzly Bear," "Crosseyed Gopher," and "The Bullfrog."

Red Yarn has performed since 2008 for children in the Portland area with a combination music and puppet show, slowly cultivating a persona and musical identity with "free-range ethics." Accompanied by spouse Jessie Eller-Isaacs and ace producer Dean Jones, Furgeson has a deep love and appreciation of early American culture, values, and musicality. Red Yarn delivers a resonant, enriched early American experience that young children can appreciate – boy, puppets can accomplish almost anything!

DEEP WOODS REVIVAL is available through Red Yarn's website, Amazon, CDBABY, and iTunes.

Mista Cookie Jar is getting silly. Well, when you set a mandate to release one song every month, you're bound to get a tad ridiculous and June is his month to do so. "Spatula Versus Sun" pits a plastic spoon against a backyard full of mangy characters, akin to the wild west. You don't believe me? Well, who asked if you believed me – the story is all here, see for yourself.

It's a nice little slice of fiction. Consider it the kid's equivalent of a summer sci-fi blockbuster, condensed and set to music.

As per schedule, you can find "Spatula Versus Sun" his CJ's bandcamp page or his blog. Enjoy!
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