Friday, February 06, 2015

Kindie Quick Hits: Doorman Not Dormant, Cookie Jar Says Dude

Cat Doorman (Julianna Bright) has returned, just in time for the new year, with a new EP and a new, upbeat attitude. Her first CD, SONGBOOK, was ethereal and dreamy, kind of Sarah MacLachlan goes kindie.

For her four-track CALLING ALL THE KIDS TO THE YARD!, Doorman/Bright turns the smile (b)right-side up. Even the cover of "All the Pretty Little Horses" is doggedly upbeat. Picture a female-led Lovin' Spoonful and you'll get the picture.

Doorman is embarking on a year-long project. Rather than build to one big CD sometime later in 2015, she is releasing four four-track EPs, perhaps seasonally. CALLING ALL... certainly does not fit the sleepy, freezing temperatures of February. It's all perky, all the time. Get those kids on their feet and keep them moving for 12 minutes. Get their circulation cranking and ready for the next EP, in a few months.

CALLING ALL THE KIDS TO THE YARD! can be purchased for a mere $4 from Cat Doorman's Bandcamp page. Click through and start listening.

Another artist doing an incremental release program in 2015 is Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips. In a way, he's set an even more pressing agenda – a song every month. I'm already behind, as his latest, "HPD!" is January's selection, complete with a campy, 60s-style surf video.

The premise is simple: Last month was his son Lucas's 11th birthday. As a way to say "Happy Birthday, Dude," C.J. (that's Mr. Cookie Jar to you) constructed this jaunty ditty. And believe me, if his son was not embarrassed and actually appreciated the effort, than kudos all around and pass the chips!

Here's the video to HPD:

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