Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kindie Quick Hits: Wake Up to Hear Suz Put You to Sleep, Alex Parties With His Baby

Sleep is a funny thing. Parents crave it, kids run from it. To get to a happy medium, countless children's musicians have crafted a host of lullaby and bedtime CDs. The latest artist to trek down that noble path is Suz Slezak, wife and co-proprietor of David Wax Museum.

Sounding like Enya on some tracks and a breathless Lisa Loeb on others, Suz uses a diverse range of influences on WATCHING THE NIGHTTIME COME. "That's No Way to Say Goodbye" comes by way of Leonard Cohen. "Caballito Blanco" is driven right from across the Mexican border. "Leather Winged Bat" resurrects a traditional American tune that most will have never heard about.

It's not a pure bedtime CD, more a quiet time disc for the evenings when the older folk want to defuse "bouncing off the walls time" with folk music. You even get some genuine cowboy music with "Jessie's Waltz," which would not be out of place in a period drama from the 1880s.

Suz was homeschooled in rural Virginia and has a natural affinity to the selections on her first solo CD. The self-styled "Mexo-Americana" music that Suz and her husband David's band create and perform has developed a celebrated niche. Play WATCHING THE NIGHTTIME COME at dusk so you can experience the day winding down in your family room.

WATCHING THE NIGHTTIME COME will be available February 10 from the David Wax Museum website, Amazon, and iTunes.

Alex Mitnick (of Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band) has debuted "Having a Party," a new video from his album, LOVE SONGS FOR MY BABY. You can watch the video below or order the CD from his website.

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