Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Appetite for Music Builds for the Pop-Ups

The Pop-Ups are all about kinetic energy, which is also what kids are all about. It's no coincidence that these three things effortlessly merge on APPETITE FOR CONSTRUCTION, the duo's third CD.

Their bio does not state how Jacob Stein and Jason Rabinowitz first met. But who really needs to know; I'm a children's music reviewer not the NSA. The guys set out to interact with the kids on their level and that includes activities. This may explain why "Glitter Everywhere" features a power saw sound effect.

In order to test their theory that building things was a good theme for their new release, the Pop-Ups released two singles, "All These Shapes" and "Costume Party." The songs received an enthusiastic reaction and heavy airplay on SiriusXM Kids Place Live. And a concept album was born.

Much like how Recess Monkey devise a theme and structure the songs around it, the Pop-Ups' checklist covers many bases: Build a companion? Check – the disco "Robot Dance." Making a collage? Yep – with horns and harmonies, "Pictures Making Pictures." Playing outside and dealing with insects – the 70s sounding "Bug Out."

You can't separate the arts from the crafts or the family from the participation aspect of the CD. "I wish that Craft Night was every single day," the guys sing on "Craft Night," and they mean it. The Pop-Ups may sound polished, professional, and peppy, but they're a work in progress. Why else would they produce their music (and t-shirts and puppets) in an open garage in Brooklyn? Possibly because they like kids? They really, really like kids? Yes, quite possibly that could be it. If the Pop-Ups had a mantra, it could be "the music is building and the building is music." Batteries not included, of course.

APPETITE FOR CONSTRUCTION is available August 19 from the Pop-Ups website, Amazon, and iTunes.

Here is the video for the band's song, "Costume Party":

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