Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Your Kid's Lucky Day as Peasley Pleases

Mom knows best. Ask any kid. Ask any mom.

Several years ago, Stacey Peasley started recording children's music. She'd been performing live for years but never for kids. Now, with kids of her own, she decided to combine her two top interests. Like I said, mom knows best.

Much like Melissa Green (who also started her kindie career in NYC), Peasley uses her music to provide positive reinforcement and simple themes for active tykes on her second CD, LUCKY DAY. With some help from Mista Cookie Jar, she even seeks to inquire why some of the wee ones need severe repetition to complete the easiest tasks ("Broken Record"):

It feels just like a broken record.
Asking the same thing over and over (phony skip) and over (phony skip) and over.

And did my ears deceive me or is her band really covering the Kinks "Stop Your Sobbing"? Had never thought that the 60s song's second resurrection (after the Pretenders redeemed the tune in the 80s) would be as a perfect kid's ballad. Just goes to show you, mom knows best.

Peasley honed her vocal abilities as part of the New York-based girl group “The Chiclettes," appeared on numerous stages at festivals, events, and parties. Her love for that era and its harmonies extended to gigs backing up Lou Christie and singing on Don K. Reed's "Doo Wop Shop."

It takes a completely different mindset (yet a similar sensibility) to turn those instincts into a career as a children's recording artist. Smaller patrons, but shorter attention spans as well. And as much as they may like "Wrecking Machine" and "Me TV," they still need parents who are willing to either bring them to live shows or purchase their CDs. Stacey Peasley has chosen to scale those walls and has found some local success. Can she get to the next level? Listen to the samples and judge for yourself. But trust me, mom knows best.

LUCKY DAY is available from Peasley's website, Amazon, CDBABY, and iTunes.

Here is the video for Stacey Peasley's song, "Summer Day":

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