Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Say "Hi" to Brady Rymer's New Project

Long Island's own Brady Rymer (and the Little Band That Could) have been keeping busy gigging all over the past few years. Now, they are returning to the recording studio for a new CD – JUST SAY HI!

Brady calls the new collection "the most personal batch of songs I've written; full of kindness, friendship and family." Along with the new tunes, the band is also tracking selections they've been honing at live concerts for some time, including "Ice Cream Girl," "Dance 'til I Drop," and "Shine A Little Light of Love."

Like Joanie Leeds did with her last CD, BANDWAGON, Brady and company are using Kickstarter to raise the money to pay for production and distribution. Offerings include digital downloads, advance copies of the CD, thank you notes, personalized birthday presents, an invitation to a private CD release party at Brady's house, the opportunity to sing on the CD (!), all the way to having the entire band come to your place for a house party.

By now, I shouldn't need to have to tell people how Kickstarter operates – you pledge a donation and it only gets charged to your credit card if the full amount is raised for the campaign. In this case, Brady seeks $20,000 for JUST SAY HI!

If you're a fan of children's music, or a fan of Long Island musicians, then show some love to the Little Band That Could. Click through to Kickstarter and help the band before Friday, December 13, 2013.

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