Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Andrews Draws on World for Kids Songs

To be truly independent, you have to be your own person and do your own thing. This may mean spending time "in the wilderness," building an audience and finding your own voice. Many people can't handle the stress, the time demands, and the reactions. Others, however, seem to thrive on it.

Virigina native Davy Andrews moved to New York City to do standup comedy. He took a hard left turn into children's music several years ago and never looked back.

Davy's fourth CD, AND THE FLYING FOX, features 21 songs (!) that cover the gamut from space travel to robots, to well, "Nonsense." If you want compliments, try "The Compliment Song":

I think you're amazing.
I think that you're wonderful.
I think that you're special.
In my opinion, you're superior, superb, and sublime.

For a standup comic, you would think the song would take a dark turn somewhere. And you would  be wrong. For his kids music, Davy takes a straight-ahead approach. There is mirth, such as "Space Monkey," a grunge/surf tune about, well, a monkey in outer space. "Glasses" goes into a (not so) routine visit to the eye doctor for an exam, which isn't the easiest thing for kids.

Davy's YouTube channel features clips from his comedy material. Perhaps he'll add a few performances from his kids' songs. He's got a (mostly) mellow, acoustic vibe that comes from the independent world. Four CDs in, he's looking for a larger stage. Nobody ever got less famous from their exposure on YouTube. In the meantime, AND THE FLYING FOX is local (Queens-based) kid's music. He's standing up for you, New York. Now it's your chance to stand up for Davy.

You can buy AND THE FLYING FOX and Davy's other CDs through his website, CDBABYBandCampAmazon, and iTunes.

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