Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fids and Kamily Awards 2012: My Ballot

The 2012 Fids and Kamily Music Poll results were announced this past weekend.

This year the Okee Dokee Brothers were the lucky winners -- their album Can You Canoe? was voted the best kids and family album of the year.  It topped another list of outstanding releases from familiar names, big name artists trying their hand at family music, and newcomers, too.

This was the seventh year that the  F&K awards were bestowed on children's musical acts. It was, however, the first year that I was asked to join the judging panel. It was truly a humbling experience, as I reviewed more than 30 CDs during the eligibility period – and still only placed three of my selections in the top 15!

Why? I only considered artists that I reviewed, not CDs that we purchased during the year. This made for some truly head-slapping omissions, in my opinion. Not that I would bounce many of the artists that I chose for my list. But it would have been a much tougher process had I included another 15-20 performers.

For 2013, I suggested the administrators assemble some kind of master list to help smooth over such potholes. I even volunteered to at least list the artists that I reviewed, so that others could flesh out a master list prior to the start of voting.

In any event, here was my top 10:

Because I Said So Big Bang Boom
In Tents Recess Monkey
Worlds of Wonder Alison Faith Levy
Hot Dog! Caspar Babypants
Blue Clouds Elizabeth Mitchell
Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie Randy Kaplan
Sing Loud Melissa Green
Monster Suit Mo Phillips
Family Values Charity & the JAMBand
Escalator David Tobocman

And here are the five favorite songs:
The Owie Song David Tobocman
In Tents Recess Monkey
Like A Spinning Top Alison Faith Levy
Alien Girlfriend Andy Z
Mister E Zak Morgan

Congrats to all the artists and to the PR people who deemed me worthy to add to their distribution lists!
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