Friday, June 17, 2011

Peasley Pleases Pre-School Set

Toddling Tykes Stand By Stacey

It takes a great deal of dedication to focus your musical career on the whims of the six years-and-under set. For one thing, they will "age out" of your oeuvre pretty quickly. Secondly, they have no idea what "oeuvre" means. Finally, you need to keep the subject matter pretty basic. There will be no lessons about global economics hidden in a song like "Fun, Fun, Fun."

Boston area educator and performer Stacey Peasley has taken the job with a smile. A professional singer for over 15 years, she began to adapt her craft to children’s music in 2005 after attending shows with her older child and listening to children’s artists together.

Stacey started her performance career in the girl group “The Chiclettes,” where she developed a deep love and appreciation for the innocent, yet catchy songs of the girl-group era. "The beautiful melodies and sweet harmonies have been an inspiration in my songwriting," she said. The group continues today, with another set of performers.

As for "Fun, Fun, Fun," this is not exactly the Beach Boys version:

We like to go to museums

we like to go to the zoo

we like hearing rhymes at story time

there╩╝s so much we can do

With a six-month-old in the house, we appreciate any song about having fun with a babysitter, which is definitely in our (new) son's future. So a big thumbs-up for "Jen," which joins Uncle Rock's "Rock and Roll Babysitter" in the must-play-in-the-future playlist. Mothers will be happy with "Mommy Saved the Day," while dads get a half-hearted dig in "Sleep Again":

Being in my room again is really boring

I'd rather be with Daddy even if he's snoring.

As stated, you're not going to find the solutions to climate change on a children's CD. But TOGETHER gives listeners 13 hummable numbers that will charm your youngest charges, and possibly give you a chance to catch up on adult pursuits (bill-paying, clean up, reading the paper, phone calls).

And a good thing about appealing to the younger set? You always have a new audience, every few years. You could safely say that Stacey Peasley aspires to be some children's first "favorite musician." And that outweighs the negatives.
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