Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music of Adventure

Flannery Brothers Help Kids Explore

The Flannery Brothers hit the ground running in the recording world. With the release of their third album in less than two years, The New Explorers Club, Mike and Dan have chosen imagination as their theme.

Kids can move their brains as well as their feet to such tunes as "Hi 5 Dance," "Let's Go!" and "In the Middle." The latter song works well with our son Ben. He became accustomed to people who hadn't seen him in a while telling him, "My, you're so big," that he began to greet people with, "I'm Ben. I'm big." This song puts his claim in context:

If you weren't big

And if you weren't little

You'd be somewhere in the middle.

The universe is huge

And a molecule is small

And we're somewhere in the middle of it all.

By the age of four, both brothers had become accomplished musicians. Mike (violin and guitar) and Dan (piano). But life took them in different directions. Based out of Portland, Maine, Mike Flannery spent the early part of the decade touring the country as a support act for Ludacris, Outkast, LL Cool J, and other groups. Little brother Dan left the New York corporate scene for childrens' media in Maine, where Mike had opened a recording studio.

Composing material came naturally to the duo, who produced two previous albums (Love Songs for Silly Things and Move Over Lullabies...It's Time for Wake-Up Songs). With this CD, the pair and honorary brother Jonathan Merrifield continue to mine the ripe, unlimited territory of childhood fantasy, from "Green Submarine" to "Kitchen Floor.")

It's good enough for my dog

It's good enough for me

Sometimes I want to lie down on the kitchen floor.

Running a little less than 43 minutes, The New Explorers Club is a short, fun, and entertaining trip to share with your family.
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