Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Large Dose of Fun for Small Fry

Princess Katie & Racer Steve:
Providing Mirth For All Ages

There is a fine line between cutesy/kitschy and genuine fun. Princess Katie and Racer Steve provide a little of everything (emphasis on the good stuff) with their third release, "Tiny Cool."

The CD features a selection of songs and skits for children (suggested) ages 2-8, with singalong lyrics included for reference. "Tube Sox," for instance, gives a laundry list of favorite things. "Japanese Robot" tells the story of a toy that runs on (get your tissues ready) love:

Now you should see him,

He's quite a sight.

For with all my love

He runs day and night.

The skits run as clever concepts (a beach radio station) and introductions to songs. "What could go wrong," Steve asks as the duo heads for lunch at the seashore. Leading to the next song, "Sand in My Sandwich." The title track, "Tiny Cool," tells a funked-up story of the brother and sister dance team of Tiny Cool and Little Lady. Turned away from a competition because of their young age, Princess Katie encourages them to dance and the crowd realizes that the duo can really boogie. Moral: Don't judge a book by its cover.

Katie O'Sullivan and Steve Borne started their musical odyssey by volunteering at childrens hospitals dressed as popular TV and movie characters. Using Steve's musical background and Katie's experience working in sketch and improv comedy, they developed their own characters and released two prior CDs, "Songs For the Coolest Kids" and "Fast & Feisty." Their latest project adds a horn section (with members of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy), piano prodigy Luis Fernandez, and synthesist Dave Baron.

The New York-based duo, a married couple incidentally, have racked up some impressive plaudits. Parenting magazine wrote, "Katie and her talented band will win your kids over." Cookie named "Fast & Feisty" as one of their top kids CDs for 2008 and declared, "This is one kids' band that really knows how to rock."

"Tiny Cool" is available at Princess Katie & Racer Steve's Web site as well as CDBaby. They also twitter! You have to take a look – she's a princess, after all.
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