Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Having Fun Monkeying Around

Brainy Fun from Einstein's Monkey

The kindie music scene has one constant: adults who play in bands for other adults. Those adults have kids, then begin to record music specifically for children.

From this constant, I introduce Einstein's Monkey, a trio from Virginia. Founding member Jeff Hofmann dropped me a line about their debut CD, "banana yellow," and its single (and accompanying video), "Pet Dinosaur."

Jeff and cofounding Monkey member B Bagby started playing together more than 20 years ago. But it wasn't until 2006 that they reunited to work together on a project that taught music theory to children at libraries and schools.

"banana yellow" is a well-produced CD of tunes. Ben particularly liked "It's Not Fair," since that's the refrain of one of his classmates (a refrain that he has unfortunately brought home with him). "Going Shopping (In the Shopping Mall)" tells the tale of a child who gets separated from his mother - "that's not mom, that's some guy in shorts named Todd!" There's also the amusing mall-associated "Mom Lost the Car (in the parking lot)."

In 2009 the duo became a trio by adding Dave McDonald to the line up. This resulted in a fuller sound at live performances, as well as opening up the band to more musical possibilities.

Ben is enjoying Einstein's Monkey. And since we're unlikely to visit Virgina in the near future, this is about as close to the band as we'll get for now. For a well-packaged and entertaining act, Einstein's Monkey is worth a listen.
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