Sunday, December 13, 2009

Queens Holiday Lights Displays

My letter to Newsday:

HI. Queens Here.

That's right. Queens, the borough. Remember me? Newsday used to have plenty of coverage of Queens until the board ordered staff cutbacks to improve the paper's financial bottom line.

We're the people who are good enough to BUY Newsday but not to be publicized, unless there is some sort of horrific newsworthy crime. Crime sells!

Anyway, this letter is in response to your December 13 article on "Best LI Holiday Lights." You mean to tell me that if the children in Queens want to see decorative holiday lights, they need to travel out to Massapequa? They can't just drive to Bayside or Forest Hills? Oh right. I forgot. Silly borough.

I'll let homeowners know that in order for Newsday to photograph their decorative lighting displays next winter, they shouldn't bother. Unless there's a grisly crime scene in the foreground that makes it newsworthy.


via Jeff Cohen, Flushing, NY
(718) 755-5470
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