Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Two Drunks Stumble Into a Bar...

Two drunks wake up in an alley, pool their money, and realize they only have 50 cents between them. "How are we going to get drunk on 50 cents?" asks one.

The other drunk has an idea. They go to 7-11 and buy one frozen hot dog.

The drunks go to a local bar and order two drinks. When the bartender turns his back, the first drunk unzips his fly and stick the hot dog in his pants. The second drunk falls to his knees and begins sucking the hot dog.

The bartender turns, sees this and screams, "Get out of here you perverts!"

They pull this stunt at 15 bars.

Finally, the second drunk says, "Hey, I can't go on. My knees are killing me."

The first drunk replies, "Yeah, me too. I lost the hot dog after the sixth bar!"
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