Thursday, June 17, 2021

Andy Z, Baze Show Love for Dads And Other People

A children's musician with love on his mind is Andy Z (Andreas Zamenes). The numbers "1 4 3" hold special significance for Andy. Having grown up as part of the generation that cherished Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, Andy appreciated Fred Rogers' messages of love and inclusion. He read an article about the interpretation of 143 being messaging shorthand for "I love you" and resolved to write a simple song sharing Mister Rogers' simple philosophy. Why? Because you should always take advantage of an opportunity to tell people how you feel, pandemic or not. The song is being released in the "sweet spot" between Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day, two of the most important people in any person's life. 

Listen and download "1 4 3" from SpotifyPandoraApple Music, and Amazon.

Here is the video for "1 4 3":

When Maggie Smith was interviewed on 60 Minutes a few years ago, she delivered one quote (paraphrasing someone else) that resonated with me. Smith said, "Getting old means you have breakfast every 10 minutes." Baze and His Silly Friends celebrate the accelerated pace of parenting on their new track, "Where Does the Time Go?" The song recounts how life keeps moving, even as we make our own plans. The lead part is sung by bass player James Goodwin, with support from Baze (Marc Bazerman), dummer Jeff Pizzi, and former Stylistics piano player Steve Myerson. The video features family footage of all of the bands' children, doing what comes naturally to all kids at the infant through toddler stages of life. As Steve Miller recounted, time keeps slipping into the future. We all just need to strap in for the ride of our lives.

"Where Does The Time Go?" is available at Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Here is a video for "Where Does the Time Go":

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