Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Getting Silly and Making Friends

Baze & His Silly Friends Tickle Kids (In the Right Way)

Everyone has silly friends. But most of them don't perform children's music. In 2007, New Jersey's Marc Bazerman gathered a group of like-minded adults and began playing and recording songs for kids and their families. "Baze and His Silly Friends" released their album, "Toddlerville" to much acclaim last fall. It received the 2009 Toy Man® Seal Of Approval Recognition Award and the 2009 eChoice? Award.

The 14 songs on the CD, as with many childrens recordings, run through a variety of musical stylings. The country twang of "Water Comes Out Your Nose" mingles with the psychedelic waa-waa of "Scare Me, Scare You!" and reggae of "Gettin' Good." For pure good-time music, the album kicks off with "Everyone Everywhere." I would be remiss if I didn't mention the track, "This Is Your Body," which received airplay on HBO Family.

Since our "primary" child has turned nine, he's a little recalcitrant to admit listening to a CD entitled, "Toddlerville," which means we might need to give him more reason to select it for airplay in the rotation in the car (where we keep six CDs at any given time). But we'll definitely keep mentioning Baze & Company.

You can become one of Baze's silly friends by joining them at Myspace.

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